Software Supports Move Towards Circular Economy

Interview with Joerg Walden and Gunther Walden

In its third edition of the Chemicals Management Software Guide, Chemical Watch interviewed Joerg Walden, CEO of iPoint, and Gunther Walden, CEO of CircularTree (Member of iPoint Group), and other Circular Economy experts on how product stewardship and chemical management software is helping companies to adopt more sustainable, circular practices.

“If you know what’s in your product and who’s in your supply chain, it’s easier to be compliant and sustainable,” Joerg Walden states in the interview. “With the support of software, companies can simplify complex tasks like data collection, entry, validation and analysis, replacing tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes with automated processes. This automation can free up resources, reduce human errors and simplify processes”, he continues. In the interview, Gunther Walden explains why Blockchain is a promising new technology that can support materials traceability and supply chain transparency: “Traceability of certified inputs and outputs is ensured, unethical and counterfeited sources are kept out of the supply chain and costly and corruptible auditors can be replaced by a crowd-based reporting mechanism. With blockchain you have only one single, verified version of the truth that everyone can trust“.

Read the full article here (p. 24-26).