What is the IEC 62474 Standard?

The international standard IEC 62474 has been compiled by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) to harmonize material declaration of products of and for the electrotechnical industry.

Exchange of information on product composition worldwide

The IEC 62474 framework describes standard data format and requirements to efficiently exchange information on product composition worldwide. It takes into account that differing restrictions concerning electrical and electronical products exist in a multitude of markets. These restrictions, thresholds, reportable applications, and reporting requirements are summarized in the IEC 62474 database of declarable substance groups and substances (http://std.iec.ch/iec62474), which is kept up to date by an international validation team.

The goal of the IEC 62474 standard

Key goal of the IEC 62474 standard is to provide data to downstream manufacturers to allow them to
•    Assess product compliance with respect to substance restrictions
•    Use their environmentally conscious design process and impact across all product life cycle phases.

The standard supports material declarations on the level of component, product or product family and provides guidance via defined material classes and reference substances.

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iPoint’s IEC 62474 module enables you to meet the material declaration requirements as described by the IEC 62474 framework.

As a producer of electric or electronic products you are able to

  • Send out requests to your suppliers to declare material compliance according to IEC 62474

  • Choose between basic reporting and supply of additional information

  • Receive supplier answers in the format defined by IEC 62474

  • Easily collect supplier responses and check for compliance

  • Aggregate material declarations to map multi-layer product assemblies and evaluate to meet your own compliance reporting via iPoint’s iPCA standard process

  • Define additional substances to be declared according to your needs and supplier contracts

  • Save time and money by an automatization of processes

  • Easily re-evaluate material declarations in case of update of declarable substance list

  • Store all information supplied


As an upstream supplier you are able to

  • Compile material declarations in the format required by IEC 62474 comprising all required information

  • Generate material declarations on the level of component, product or product family

  • Respond to customer requests or initiate data exchange

  • Report mandatory information concerning declarable substances and substance groups for a basic declaration

  • Extend declaration by including additional information on product part / material / substances / substance groups

  • Access the IEC 62474 declarable substance list and supporting material class and reference substance information to easily compile material declaration

  • Check thresholds and reportable applications as defined by IEC 62474 database

  • Easily re-evaluate material declarations in case of update of declarable substance list

  • Automate material declaration processes

  • Store original files and created IEC 62474 material declaration (in XML and pdf format) to document file exchange

  • Upload bill of materials in IEC 62474 format


iPoint’s software and services support your compliance demands by integrating into existing systems and automatization of processes.