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Even today, mere compliance with statutory provisions on product compliance and sustainability is no longer sufficient in many industries and value creation networks. Companies today face a multiplicity of additional, more stringent requirements from various stakeholders (e.g. customers) that go far beyond the legally required standards.



Companies must continuously monitor and adapt their strategies, programs, and processes, or develop new ones, in order to satisfy the ever more complex and numerous requirements imposed by international legislators, stakeholders, customers, and the public in relation to sustainability, sustainable products and transparent value creation networks.



Thanks to years of experience in different industries and with globally operating customers, iPoint have at their disposal a large number of customized and customizable process and auditing routines. One of our core competencies is the high flexibility of iPoint’s solutions in relation to process deviations and/or process extensions of the kind that occur in companies of all sizes, structures, forms, and industries.

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