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Material Compliance Using SAP® Just Got a Lot Easier

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Our SAP® Integration Compliance Solution

One of the greatest challenges is gaining a quicker and more consistent access to product compliance data across the whole supply chain. This requires an efficient process integration:

  • Suppliers’ compliance requests need to be triggered automatically if the circumstances change (e.g. purchase of new material)

  • Compliance analyses and reports need to be conducted periodically

  • Actual and immediately available compliance information needed in SAP®

Product compliance data is required for many process steps, whereby the following processes are of special interest:

  • Compliance information within master data management

  • Compliance information during  purchase order creation

  • Compliance information during stock/requirements lists creation

  • Compliance status when working with BOM (Bill of Materials)

  • Need for overview and up-to-date status of compliance requests in SAP®


The Compliance Cockpit for SAP® is iPoint’s software solution to these challenges and requirements of our customers.


It generates compliance request worklists depending on defined triggers, gathers quantity-related data for purchase and sales products per period, and places them at iPCA’s disposal via an interface. Thus it delivers product compliance data within SAP® exactly where needed.


(SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany)


✔ Out-of-the-box solution and modification-free SAP® add-on

✔ Quick to install and simple to adjust using parameters

✔ No additional info-user in iPCA neccessary because information is available in SAP®




  • Supports subsequent steps in decision-making process:

  • Monitors request queues and interface activities

  • Provides overview and search tools for compliance requests

  • Supports inital compliance process setup within SAP® via approved tools 


  • Generates compliance request worklists depending on defined triggers

  • Gathers quantity-related data for purchase and sales products per period, and places them at disposal via an interface

  • Delivers product compliance data within SAP® exactly where needed

iPoint Compliance: Material Compliance Using SAP Just Got a Lot Easier

Mohammad Javed Akram, IT Lead for Sustainability at Becton Dickson and Hans-Karl Rath, VP Operations at iPoint-systems show you how the Compliance Cockpit for SAP makes material compliance more efficient and cost effective. Learn how you can reduce the huge amount of working efforts by automating the steps in the compliance process and benefit from a minimum of 50% time saving.


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