CLEPA MRS event: iPoint presentations now available
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CLEPA MRS event: iPoint presentations now available

The iPoint-sponsored event 'CLEPAMRS2023' was a great success! The presentations given by our colleagues at the event are now available for download. 

We are excited that among the many interesting presentations over two days were also some of our iPoint colleagues. Our CEO Peter Schmidt highlighted the need for smart data and technology and got the guests in the mood for the first day. Afterward, our colleague Angelika Steinbrecher gave insights into how iPoint enables the way to substitution.  

On the second day of the event, the focus was on the topics of corporate and product carbon footprints. Our colleague Andreas Fröhlich showed how iPoint enables the automation of product carbon footprints and how IMDS and sustainability can be brought together.  

If you are curious and would like to see the presentation of our colleagues, please visit our website and download it for free:  

We are excited that the event was so successful with insightful presentations and interesting discussions and are already looking forward to the next time!