REACH Compliance Software

Automate product-related REACH compliance.

Our REACH Compliance Solution


iPoint offers a highly flexible, integrative, and efficient REACH software solution to automate product-related REACH compliance.


Analyze, automate and monitor REACH-related processes and provisions

Integrated into your company-specific environments, iPoint’s REACH Compliance software solution considers the whole product life cycle process, from end to end. It analyzes, supports, automates, and monitors the REACH-related processes and provisions. The result is a smooth and effortless process providing companies with an edge in today’s competitive business environment.


Efficient REACH compliance software

iPoint’s wide-ranging industry and technical know-how, in combination with its close cooperation with users during the development phase, guarantee a REACH compliance software that is as refined as it is efficient.

SCIP Database
Reach compliance software benefits


✔ Maintaining REACH legal entities

✔ Authorization concept geared specifically towards REACH

✔ Maintaining and taking advantage of important long-term REACH contacts in the supply chain (single point of contact)

Reach compliance software features


  • Flexible application and management of risk factors in case of substance or supplier shortages

  • Automated request for missing documents and information with corresponding cockpit function and documentation

Reach compliance software functionalities


  • Checking the product portfolio for SVHC, REACH Annex XIV and Annex XVII

  • Checking Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and commitments in the supply chain

  • Impact analysis and volume calculation of SVHC as required by regulations like EU REACH and U.S. SARA Title III (EPCRA)

iPoint Compliance Enterprise

iPoint Compliance Enterprise is a cross-industry software solution for collecting, aggregating, verifying, exchanging, and reporting product-related data. It uses flexible and scalable integration technology to ensure that the materials used comply with legal as well as individual requirements.

SAP® Integration Compliance Solution

Your company is using SAP?

iPoint's out-of-the-box solution and modification-free SAP® add-on delivers product compliance data within SAP® exactly where needed.

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iPoint Compliance Professional / Essential

iPoint's cloud solution to collect, aggregate, exchange, and report REACH and RoHS-relevant information in your supply chain.

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iPoint Compliance: How Toyota North America ensures the compliance of its products

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What is REACH?


The chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) presents clear guidelines for the information, identification, characteristics, and usage of chemicals.


Companies have to chemically classify and label substances and mixtures according to the CLP Regulation as well as observe, process, and generate extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS) along with the included exposition scenarios. States and authorities, e.g. the European member states, are increasingly controlling companies’ compliance with these requirements.


Integration of the REACH compliance requirements

All these requirements burden companies with extraordinary financial and organizational expenses. They have to integrate the REACH compliance requirements efficiently and cost-consciously into their existing procurement, logistics, and production processes.