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Meeting the RoHS requirements on a global scale is a costly and time-consuming task for the whole value creation network. Manufacturers need to collect, compile, and evaluate their suppliers’ certificates of compliance and materials declarations for a range of components. Suppliers need to provide accurate substance information to their customers and create materials declarations via a multiplicity of different forms. 


iPoint’s RoHS software solution is optimized for the regulatory compliance of products.

At the click of a mouse, it lets you exchange (require or report) RoHS-relevant information throughout the entire supply chain and check the conformity of your products with the latest EU and worldwide RoHS-regulations – thanks to a comprehensive material database, the Compliance & Substance Inspector (CSI) tool and the iPoint data exchange portal.


Manufacture RoHS-compliant products as basis for CE marking

Furthermore, iPoint’s RoHS compliance software solution enables you to provide prompt responses to customer inquiries with minimal effort, and it supports you in manufacturing RoHS-compliant products as basis for CE marking (EN 50581).

SCIP Database

Are you affected by ECHA’s SCIP Database?


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RoHS Compliance Software Benefits


✔ Maintaining RoHS legal entities

✔ Comprehensive material database

✔ Automated check of current data via CSI tool

RoHS Compliance Software Features


  • Automated and safe exchange of relevant information throughout the entire value creation network

  • Implementation of different standards (e.g. IPC-1752, IEC 62474, JAMP)

RoHS Compliance Software Functionalities


  • Option for the integration of the IHS electronic parts database

  • Process optimization with huge time and cost savings

  • RoHS 2-compliant products as basis for CE-marking (EN 50581)

iPoint Compliance Enterprise

iPoint Compliance Enterprise is a cross-industry software solution for collecting, aggregating, verifying, exchanging, and reporting product-related data. It uses flexible and scalable integration technology to ensure that the materials used comply with legal as well as individual requirements.

SAP® Integration Compliance Solution

Your company is using SAP?

iPoint's out-of-the-box solution and modification-free SAP® add-on delivers product compliance data within SAP® exactly where needed.

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iPoint Compliance Professional / Essential

iPoint's cloud solution to collect, aggregate, exchange, and report REACH and RoHS-relevant information in your supply chain.

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iPoint Compliance: How Toyota North America ensures the compliance of its products

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What is RoHS?


The European RoHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances) Directive regulates the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Affecting all companies that market EEE in the European Union, it applies to a range of product categories from various industry sectors.


Commonly referred to as “RoHS 2” or “RoHS Recast”, Directive 2011/65/EU requires EEE manufacturers to ensure that their products do not exceed certain limit values for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).


Furthermore, EEE manufacturers need to issue an EU Declaration of Conformity for each product model and the CE labelling of the products. Manufacturers have to keep the EU Declaration of Conformity as well as technical documentation for a period of ten years from the time the electrical or electronic device has been placed on the market (BS EN 50581).


The tasks to be fullfilled in accordance with the RoHS 2 require comprehensive adjustments to the relevant business and manufacturing processes. Moreover, although the implementation of the RoHS directive is based on the EU legislation, the requirements have to be met on a globale scale.


Another challenge is monitoring other versions of RoHS for products marketed in non-EU countries and states, e.g. California RoHS (SB20), China RoHS /ACPEIP), Korea RoHS, or Turkey RoHS.