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Gartner's "Market Guide for Supplier Sustainability Applications" list iPoint as "Representative Vendor"
We are excited to announce that iPoint is listed as a "Representative Vendor" in the latest edition of Gartner's "Market Guide for Supplier…
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Discover the new functionalities of iPoint Product Sustainability!
By combining Smart Mapping (Automotive) and Smart Connector (IMDS), iPoint Product Sustainability can be described as one of the best Product…
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DigiTain project meeting in Dresden
The research & innovation project for fully digital product development of sustainable electric drive architectures is in high gear
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DigiTain - "Digitalization for sustainability" research project
iPoint is project partner
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iPoint Sustainability and Compliance Trends Study 2022
A study by iPoint with the support of the Christian Doppler Laboratory.
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iPoints announces Dave Ellis as new General Manager in North America
Focus on customer satisfaction and continuous growth
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Revolutionary PET recycling project WhiteCycle with new website
iPoint is project partner
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Happy Holidays, a Heartfelt Thank you, and a Healthy New Year from iPoint!
Season's Greetings from iPoint's CEO Peter Schmidt
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Vacation Close-Down 2022/23
From December 27, 2022, to January 1, 2023, all iPoint offices will be closed for holidays. As always, there will be a core team to handle urgent…
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iPoint’s Christmas Donation 2022
Christmas tradition: iPoint supports three charitable organizations
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The Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey
Take part in our annual sustainability and compliance trends survey until December 23, 2022
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Integrate compliance and sustainability reporting for better business decisions
New paper from the iPoint CARE series available for download
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New: Our Sustainability Report 2021/2022
iPoint submits 5th UNGC Communication on Progress report
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The Sustainable Development Goals in a VUCA World – Global Goals Yearbook 2022
iPoint contributes article on Digital Product Passports
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iPoint announces Karin Mostler as new Chief Revenue Officer
Focus on further growth in Product Sustainability solutions
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iPoint systems gmbh joins CIRPASS to lay the ground for the deployment of European Digital Product Passports
iPoint systems gmbh joins the CIRPASS consortium, bringing together a core network of leading organisations in building the European vision for a…
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iPoint participates in industrial research project Gabriela
Kick-off of the Gabriela project - resource-efficient and recyclable lightweight battery cases
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iPoint names Peter Schmidt as new Chief Executive Officer
Sustainability in the focus of the new management
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iPoint participates in the WhiteCycle project
A European consortium to recycle plastic waste and to establish a circular economy


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14th Akademie Fresenius User Forum on current chemical legislation
Eva Hink-Lemke and Angelika Steinbrecher support again as speakers
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International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering
Our colleague Martina Prox is a speaker at the ICOSSE '23
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LCM 2023: The 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management
iPoint is sponsor and speaker at one of the world's leading forums for environmental, economic, and social sustainability
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Webinar & Live demo: How to automate Product Carbon Footprints in the automotive industry
Join our free webinar: July 26th, 2023 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST / 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM EST
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Live webcast: ROHS and REACH for medical devices
Our colleague Eva Hink-Lemke is speaker of a training session
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Webinar by iPoint’s partner Toyota Tsusho Corporation
The Japanese IT trading company Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS), part of the Toyota Group, is one of iPoint’s strategic partners in Japan.  On 3 and 6…
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CLEPA MRS event: iPoint presentations now available
The iPoint-sponsored event 'CLEPAMRS2023' was a great success! The presentations given by our colleagues at the event are now available for download. …
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Going Green: iPoint presentations now available
Our colleagues Britta Schwartze and Frauke Haenel presented at the Going Green event of CARE INNOVATION 2023 in Vienna. This conference and exhibition…
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CLEPA Materials Regulations and Sustainability Event 2023
A platform for experts and key stakeholders from the automotive industry, iPoint is sponsor
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Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023
Conference and exhibition on electronics and the environment, iPoint is speaker
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ISPCE 2023
International Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering, iPoint is speaker
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Webinar: Sustainable Products – the future of Selling, Regulations, and Reporting in Manufacturing.
The Future of Selling, Regulations, and Reporting in Manufacturing - Discover how leading manufacturers are driving the adoption of environmentally…
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Symposium Sustainability and Resource Efficiency
Keynote on Automation of LCA, Martina Prox is speaker
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Henkel Sustainability Days 2022
Panel in the category "Footprint", imoderated by iPoint
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Webinar: Draft of the Ecodesign Regulation and Digital Product Passport - what does this mean for my company?
Circular economy and digital product passport, iPoint is speaker
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The Greener Manufacturing Show
Ecological and sustainable production solutions, iPoint is speaker
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Symposium: Chemikalienrecht Aktuell – REACH und CLP im Fokus
Product sustainability in the chemical industry, iPoint is speaker
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Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo
Technologies and solutions for the circular economy, iPoint is speaker
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Hybrid-Event: 2022 IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference
Leveraging IMDS for sustainability, iPoint is speaker
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Online event: "The Sustainable Twin as a Building Block for a Sustainable Industry"
Webinar series From Research into Practice, iPoint is speaker
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Panel discussion „Sustainability Imperatives in Life Sciences and Healthcare“
Roundtable discussion with experts on sustainability, iPoint is speaker
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Webinar „Drive business value by analyzing the relations and impacts of your products“
Data analysis of product compliance and sustainability, iPoint is presenter
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iPoint Conflict Minerals: Product Update
Free Webinar: iPoint Conflict Minerals' new global platform comes with many advanced features that make master data management much easier and faster,…
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iPoint Automotive Forum (iAF)
iPoint is host and speaker
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Digital Product Forum 2022
iPoint is presenter
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Webinar „CO2 footprint and calculation"
iPoint is presenter
Surprising survey results on compliance and sustainability in the automotive industry
The iPoint Compliance & Sustainability Trend Survey 2022 is one of the world's largest surveys offering insights into sustainability and compliance.…
A "Paper Tiger" gets its Teeth
The EU is getting tough: CSRD. The EU is to become climate-neutral by 2050 - to achieve this goal, the "toothless paper tiger NFRD (Non Financial…
Amazon requires climate targets and emissions data from suppliers
The key to net-zero is found in the supply chain
"Companies simply cannot deliver as they want."
"Companies are faced with a major problem: They simply cannot deliver as they want - there are too few LCA experts and the dynamics are too high." -…
Sustainable products are the future: in sales, compliance, and production.
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in production in the manufacturing industry and is already a key factor for many manufacturers. The…
The iPoint Sustainability and Compliance Trends Survey 2022
Surprisingly, companies worldwide, especially in Asia, increasingly view sustainability and compliance as important factors in their business…
Implementation of digital technologies for a circular economy and sustainability management in the manufacturing sector
Implementation of digital technologies for a circular economy and sustainability management in the manufacturing sector
How companies benefit from circular economy
Converting a company to a circular economy is an important step but many business leaders aren't sure what the consequences will be. This article…
Implementation of circular economy strategies in product development
Considering aspects of the circular economy right from the product design stage is the most effective approach a company can take to improve the…
How new policies worldwide advance the Circular Economy
The growing importance of the circular economy and circular business models manifests itself in policies and regulations designed to advance the…
How the automotive & electronics industry transitions towards the Circular Economy
In addition to activities of legislative bodies, industry itself has set out on a path towards circular economy, sometimes moving at an even faster…
Drive business value by data analysis – iPoint CARE
Data analysis for product compliance and sustainability, like Life Cycle Assessment or Product Carbon Footprints, provide your company with a crucial…
Digital Product Passports: Pioneers for Sustainable Economy
Whether climate protection, circular economy, or resource efficiency, without transparent value and supply chains, many political targets and goals…
Digital technologies for sustainable product management in a circular economy
The increased use of digital technologies is considered as a key enabler for a more sustainable and circular economy. A recent study by the Christian…
Digital battery passports to enable circular battery ecosystems in Europe
The industry driven debate on digital battery passports as enablers of a circular economy has gained increased momentum. To bring a sustainability…
The Digital Product Passport – a prerequisite for a Circular Economy
The concept of the circular economy is gaining more and more prominence on the agendas of policymakers and industry alike. This is evidenced, e.g., by…
Collect Data for Compliance and Sustainability – iPoint CARE
Data collection is the first step on the road to successful product compliance and sustainability in order to obtain type approval and bring a…