Hear iPoint speak at the Electronics Goes Green Conference
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Hear iPoint speak at the Electronics Goes Green Conference

June 18 -20, 2024 | Berlin or online | From Silicon To Sustainability

From 18 to 20 June, we will be represented by five colleagues at the Electronics Goes Green conference in Berlin. This event, organized by Fraunhofer IZM and in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin, will mainly focus on the following topics:

  • Environmental effects of mature, as well as emerging technologies and materials
  • Life Cycle Assessment (data) of specific electronic components
  • LCA data management along the supply chain
  • Fair, clean and conflict-free electronics
  • Circular Economy Strategies


Our colleague Marten Stock will give a presentation entitled ‘LCA Automation vs. LCA Precision?’, which will address the role of Artificial Intelligence in avoiding conflicts between automation and precision in life cycle analysis.

Maulana Ajie will speak on the topic of ‘Parameterised Life Cycle Assessment Model for Electronic Devices’, which deals with the inclusion of internet consumption in the environmental impact of electronic devices.

Pauline Langbehn together with Florian Ansgar Jäger from SiGreen will answer the question ‘How to bring supplier-specific product carbon footprints into LCA calculation engines at scale?’.

Frauke Hänel will present a poster entitled ‘Potential Integration of Product Carbon Footprint data into Battery Passports’, visualising a data flow concept.

And finally, our colleague Maria Isabel Azira will talk about the challenges of compliance and present technical solutions in her presentation ‘Evolving Standards in Ethical Mineral Sourcing for Electronics’.

We are proud to have so many of our iPoint colleagues represented at the world's leading conference on electronics and the environment and are looking forward to the presentations!

We will make the presentations available afterwards, so stay tuned!

If you need more information about the conference or would like to register, click here.