Electronics Goes Green 2020 Conference
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Electronics Goes Green 2020 Conference

Meet iPoint on September 1st at the Electronics Goes Green Conference 2020 – a scientific conference that explores the facets of green electronics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference, hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (Fraunhofer IZM), will be an on-demand virtual event of pre-recorded presentations combined with the live event on September 1.

The live event will include keynote presentations, live discussions, and feedback formats which allow the conference community to meet in a virtual venue. The pre-recorded video presentations will be available 10 days prior and a couple of weeks after the conference, starting on August 20. Also, there will be virtual interactive workshops between August 21-28.

Some of the topics covered at the conference include

  • Digitalization and the Environment

  • The role of advanced ICT and electronics

  • 5G roll-out

  • Product design solutions for resource efficiency

  • Global policy updates

  • Best practice for global environmental policy alignment, legal compliance and market surveillance

  • Conflict-free and fair-trade electronics

  • Data management and traceability along the supply chain

  • Life Cycle Assessment of electronics

  • Business models for a Circular Economy

We’re excited that iPoint will be contributing the following presentations on August 20:

  • “Reaching Carbon-neutrality with Role-based Access to LCA Information of Materials, Parts and Components” – Andreas Schiffleitner (iPoint-Austria GmbH), Martina Prox (ifu Hamburg GmbH, Member of iPoint Group), and Anne Wahl (iPoint-systems GmbH)

  • “What to Expect from Data-driven Sustainable Product Management? Insights from Industry Cases and PLM Solution Providers” – Andreas Schiffleitner (iPoint-Austria GmbH) with Josef Peter Schöggl, Magdalena Rusch, and Rupert Baumgartner (University of Graz, Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management enabling a Circular Economy)

  • “How to Collect and Prepare the Data for SCIP Database Reporting” – Angelika Maria Steinbrecher (iPoint-systems GmbH), Eva Susanne Hink (iPoint-systems GmbH), and Andreas Schiffleitner (iPoint-Austria GmbH)

Learn more about the Conference on the Electronics Goes Green website.