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Automated LCA – reach the next level with automated data integration from different sources.

Our Life Cycle Assessment Solution


Aggregating and assessing relevant data throughout the entire product life cycle for an LCA is an enormous task. Even more so, since most assessments start with the finished product and work their way down to components and substances. This often entails intensive efforts of manual data collection.


iPoint LCA software enables automated Life Cycle Assessments

With its existing granular database of product-related compliance and sustainability information, the iPoint LCA software solution enables companies to achieve a much more detailed assessment and reach a much higher level of automated data integration from different sources.


We make it easy to collect and combine all the data needed for an Life Cycle Assessment

Our Life Cycle Assessment software collects and combines the relevant data from the supplier network and internal production as well as data from the use phase and recycling and reuse objectives. That way companies get an overview of potential environmental risks and improvements.


Detailed process transparency

Connected to Umberto®, ifu Hamburg’s life cycle assessment software solution for sustainable engineering, iPoint’s LCA software provides detailed process transparency, e.g. via Sankey diagrams. That way you get an in-depth overview of potential environmental risks and improvements and can optimize your processes and products.

LCA Software Benefits


✔ Keep costs low for data entry and external consulting

✔ Based on ISO 14040 and 22628 (RRR) standard

LCA Software Features


  • Automate and integrate data aggregation and processing

  • Customize the depth of review per product, assemblies or components

LCA Software Functionalities


  • Identify risk components and materials and select alternatives

  • Evaluate and get control over the environmental impact of your products

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What is Life Cycle Assessment – LCA?


Information on the environmental impact of a product is becoming increasingly crucial, since companies are more and more required to include this information as an elementary part of their CSR reporting.


A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses and compares products, processes and services according to the ISO standard and covers the whole life cycle from the production of raw materials to end of life.



Different Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies try to determine a product’s impact on health and the environment as well as use this information to help improve and evaluate the choice of materials.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) helps companies to analyze their dependence on critical raw materials, the availability of alternative sources, and the impact of materials and processes on the environment.