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Convert and anonymize your data sheets from IMDS to CAMDS in a highly automatized process.

Automate your ELV Processes globally

Our Solution


With iPoint’s CAMDS & IMDS software solution, you can convert and anonymize data sheets from IMDS to CAMDS in a highly automatized process – without having to reveal business-sensitive information about your supply chain, suppliers, etc. iPoint’s solution subsequently lets you send the created data sheet to CAMDS and the customer in CAMDS automatedly.


95.5 % automatic conversion


Based on the feedback from our customers, our IMDS-CAMDS converter manages to convert about 95.5% of the IMDS Material Data Sheets (MDS) without any manual interaction. For the few remaining MDS only small manual changes were required to complete the conversion.

Your benefits

Improve efficiency and quality through automatization

Speed up your CAMDS process by using existing IMDS data without having to wait for CAMDS data from your supplier

Reduce efforts for CAMDS datasheet creation – Based on the feedback of our customers, the efforts for creating CAMDS datasheets with iPoint’s solution are less than 20% of manual data entry processes

Build on existing data and processes

Your benefits

Minimize training effort due to similarly designed IMDS and CAMDS user interfaces in the iPCA module

Benefit from the know-how of the world’s number one provider of IMDS Inhouse systems

Conceal business relationships and business-sensitive supply chain data when using supplier data from IMDS in CAMDS

Easy implementation in well-known and widely-used iPCA user environment


  • Automated conversion of your existing IMDS data for CAMDS

  • BOM import from connected PDM system

  • Automated update of compliance check routines in case of regulatory changes

  • Integrated business process management

  • Integration to existing IT environments

We work with leading companies and associations in the automotive industry.
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