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iPoint and JEMAI Form Strategic Alliance

iPoint-systems, a leading provider of compliance and sustainability solutions in the RoHS, REACH, SDS, LCA, Conflict Minerals, and EH&S area, and JEMAI, a leading Japanese organization focused on solving general environmental issues, have entered a strategic alliance to develop and offer a compliance platform for companies in Japan and Asia.

The alliance draws upon the respective strengths of each partner – the breadth of iPoint’s expertise in developing leading cross-industry compliance and sustainability software solutions, fused with the depth of JEMAI’s long-standing experience in providing solutions related to environmental issues – to deliver a powerful and highly automated compliance platform that enables efficient management of product and materials compliance-related data and can be integrated with other data bases, sources, and portals such as JAMP (Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium). The easy-to-use platform is designed for SMEs and will gradually include a wide range of topics related to CSR reporting, data collection/dissemination, and chemicals in products (CiP). Users of the platform will not need any specific compliance knowledge.

“With iPoint’s broad expertise, outstanding technical know-how, and far-reaching success in this area, we can answer the growing demand for efficient compliance and sustainability solutions in Japan and the whole of Asia,” said Kazutoshi Kasagi, vice president at JEMAI. Established in 1962 as “The Air Pollution Control Industry Association”, the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) has ever since been dedicated to meeting challenges arising from conventional industrial pollution issues to global environmental issues. JEMAI’s activities and services include environmental assessments, technology developments and international technology transfer, surveys for air and water pollution, noise, vibration, and hazardous chemical substances.

"Sustainability as well as product and materials compliance are highly prioritized topics at many Asian companies," Joerg Walden, CEO of iPoint-systems stated. “Accordingly, demand is rising for efficient software solutions and services, especially in small and medium-sized companies. We are excited to have gained such an experienced and committed partner in JEMAI and look forward to harnessing synergy effects to deliver maximum value to companies that have to comply with reporting obligations and meet their sustainability goals. Ensuring the regulatory compliance and sustainability of products is a global challenge, and international collaborations have to be part of the solution.”