iPoint for the future!
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iPoint for the future!

iPoint is among the more than 3.000 companies which have signed the statement of Entrepreneurs For Future. The business initiative is made up of entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries who are committed to climate protection and actively support the Fridays for Future movement. Above all, they demand compliance with the commitments of the internationally binding Paris Climate Agreement and thus the limitation of global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Placing sustainability at the forefront of everything that we do as a corporate citizen, we stand with the Entrepreneurs For Future movement. Driven by the vision of how today’s solutions can contribute to securing a sustainable world for future generations, we at iPoint are also convinced that it is possible to do business and protect the climate at the same time. Many innovative technologies, products, services, and business models for better climate protection already exist. But we also believe more far-reaching regulatory frameworks set by government are necessary to create fair, competitive conditions for climate-friendly technologies and business models and to change the course of the economy as a whole.

For over a year now, children, adolescents and more and more grown-ups have been demonstrating worldwide every Friday for climate protection. On Friday, September 20, 2019, the climate protection movement is calling for a global climate strike. As an environmentally-conscious company, iPoint supports the call for #ClimateStrike and wants to show that climate protection is necessary and possible in the economy. Let’s join forces to ensure that our grandchildren inherit both a healthy planet and a healthy economy.

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