June 16 & 17: Free Webinar “Is Your Material Compliance Program Due for an Update?”
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June 16 & 17: Free Webinar “Is Your Material Compliance Program Due for an Update?”

Have you given your Material Compliance Program a hard look lately? Chances are you could strongly benefit from some of the leading best practices that are being used to maximize data collection efforts.

The regulations are more complex, the reporting formats have been updated, exemptions have expired, suppliers are more engaged, tools have changed, program owners are much better informed, and sustaining compliance is more involved than the original ramp-up effort.

This webinar will introduce you to several innovative ideas that will benefit your current material compliance program.

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Wednesday, June 17th, 9:00 am Eastern Register now

This free one-hour webinar should be considered for people actively leading, managing, overseeing, or integrating an effort for Material Compliance, Sustaining Product, and Global Materials Regulations.

Your Speakers:

Jim Kandler – Managing Director, RoHS Ready LLC

Prior to starting RoHS Ready, Mr. Kandler was responsible for leading the GE Healthcare Sourcing effort to collect data for over 250,000 parts. His experience includes:

  • Working with internal business team members to set up company-wide procedures

  • Managing teams that collected over 150,000 declarations from 6,000 suppliers

  • Utilizing various software tools to manage the data collection process

  • Managing RoHS, REACH, and Packaging

  • Serving as a member of the IPC-1752A Committee to further develop the IPC-1752A Standard

Todd Riley – Partner-Consultant, RoHS Ready LLC

Mr. Riley has very deep material compliance experience, including:

  • Developing industry leading training programs to enable data collection

  • Managing teams responsible for collecting over 150,000 declarations from 6,000 suppliers

  • Developing simplified templates and processes for suppliers to utilize for data collection

  • Assessing and triaging programs for data collection campaigns

Marc Church – President of U.S. Sales & Operations, iPoint Inc.

Mr. Church has over ten years of experience developing and implementing material compliance programs for various industries. His current responsibilities include continued development of iPoint’s U.S. strategy and customer support systems. Before joining iPoint, Mr. Church worked at Tetra Tech, an engineering and consulting company with 14,000 employees in 350 offices, as Vice President in charge of Environmental and Material Compliance.