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LCM Conference 2019 in Poznan

Meet iPoint from September 1-4 at the 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM) in Poznan, Poland. The LCM conference series is one of the world’s leading forums for environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

This year’s conference will focus on the topic “Towards a Sustainable Future” and consider the current challenges and prospects in life cycle management. The main themes of this year’s sessions centre on the sustainability of products, technologies, organizations, markets and policy, and methodological solutions.

Make sure to attend our sessions on Wednesday, September 4th. In the first session “Complex Product Systems and Services – Design, Improvement and Innovation”, which is chaired by Andreas Schiffleitner (iPoint-Austria), Martina Prox (ifu Hamburg) will present on the topic “Using life cycle information in decision making for reaching and setting sustainability goals”. Martina Prox will also present on “Connecting life cycle models instead of exporting and importing datasets from and in LCA software – a database platform for parameterized LCI datasets – concept and implementation” in the session “Creating the Data Infrastructure for Circular Economy and LCM based strategies”.

Learn more about the conference on the LCM website.