Life Cycle Innovation Conference 2020
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Life Cycle Innovation Conference 2020

Meet iPoint from August 26-28 at the 2nd Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC 2020). Organized by the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI), this year’s event, which is entirely virtual, will focus on collaboration, innovation, and co-creation. Each of the three days will be dedicated to a specific subtheme featuring a related keynote and panel discussions. Workshops and barcamps complement the conference.

The three subthemes of this year’s conference are:

  • Driving Sustainable Innovation – Creating better solutions (Day 1)

  • Promoting Circular Economy – From vision to implementation (day 2)

  • Combating Climate Change – Sustainable pathways for decarbonization (Day 3)

We’re excited to announce that our colleague Martina Prox from the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group) will be chairing a session on “Leveraging Digitalization to Drive Sustainability”. Also, she will be hosting a workshop on “Preparing Input to ISO TC 232 Working group on Measuring Circularity” and a campfire session on “Together towards Transparency”. Furthermore, our colleague Andreas Schiffleitner (iPoint-Austria GmbH) will be presenting on “Role-based access to Life Cycle Information and Decision-Support”.

We look forward to e-meeting you there!

Learn more about the conference program here.

For further information, and registration, visit the LCIC 2020 event website.