iPoint SustainHub Support

Welcome to the iPoint SustainHub Support!

Do you need technical support to use the iPoint SustainHub dashboard, e.g. for managing users or your organization? Login to the iPoint Service Desk SustainHub and create and monitor your support requests.

Easy access

Simply access the Service Desk by logging in with your SustainHub user credentials:

> Service Desk SustainHub


The iPoint Service Desks

The technical support for the iPoint SustainHub is part of iPoint’s Service Desks. This online ticket reporting and tracking system gives you easy access to and direct overview of your support inquiries. Please note that we will not process requests sent via e-mail.


Learn more about the iPoint Service Desks

Get started with the Service Desk User Manual and learn more about the main functions and benefits of the portal:

> Service Desk User Manual

Features and benefits
of the iPoint Service Desk
Environmental Health Safety Software Benefit

Create new support requests in the online portal

Environmental Health Safety Software Trial

View the inquiries you have submitted, add comments and track processing status

Environmental Health Safety Software Test

Access and search our knowledge base for frequently addressed concerns

Service Desks
Support for SustainHub applications

If you have specific questions concerning one of the applications on the SustainHub, please use the respective Service Desk:

> Service Desk Conflict Minerals

> Service Desk Material Compliance

> Service Desk Supply Chain Survey