iPoint as sponsor and partner


iPoint is a proud sponsor and partner of several regional institutions, groups, and events in the sports, cultural and social area. Organizations and events that are in line with our values and goals are particularly important to us. An excerpt from our long-term partnerships and sponsoring activities:

Tigers Tübingen

Basketball Bundesliga Team (Men)

Enosch Wolf, Elijah Allen and CEO Joerg Walden (2018)

We identify with what the Tigers stand for - bite, dynamism, determination, team spirit, confidence in one's own abilities and no fear of big names. That's how we live and work and that's what we want to promote with our Tigers partnership.


iPoint has been sponsoring the Tigers Tübingen since 2016. With this partnership, we can doubly underscore our attachment and solidarity with the region: our US head office is located in Ann Arbor, the sister city of Tübingen.


iPoint’s employees are also big fans. Feeling the passion of the Tigers live and witnessing how the fans reward commitment, teamwork, and technical brilliance - this is a great experience every time.

TusSies Metzingen

Handball Bundesliga (Women)

CEO Joerg Walden (left) with the TusSies (2018)

We are fascinated by their outstanding collaborative achievements as well as their regionally rooted sustainable national and international success. These are values and characteristics that we, as global leader for sustainability solutions, live by ourselves and are happy to support and promote.


iPoint has been supporting TusSies Metzingen since 2015. In addition, we have a players’ patronage. From 2017-2019 the player Kelly Vollebregt represented iPoint on and off the court. In the 2019/20 season, iPoint has started a player patronage with Simone Petersen. We are looking forward to the cooperation! 

Simone Petersen and CEO Joerg Walden (2019)

With the spread of the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, a lot of sports clubs and teams such as the iPoint-sponsored TusSies Metzingen handball team have ceased all games and training operations. We asked our player Simone Petersen how she is dealing with this unusual situation, what she is doing to keep herself fit, and what she looks forward to most when we return back to normal:

Freiburger Pilsner Merida Team

Junior mountain bike team (men)

Team manager Andrea Gutmann with her team (2019)

The development and advancement of young, talented people is important to us. Curious, determined, far-sighted - this is what distinguishes the Freiburg Pilsner Merida Mountain Bike Team. These characteristics are also important to iPoint as a pioneer in sustainability - because anyone who wants to offer tomorrow's solutions today, must always be one step ahead. We attach great importance to a sustainable young talent strategy, as implemented by the Freiburg Pilsner Merida Team.

iPoint has been a sponsor of the Freiburg Pilsner Merida Team since 2016.