RBA Virtual Outreach Meeting Europe 2021
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RBA Virtual Outreach Meeting Europe 2021

Meet iPoint on April 20th and 21st at the RBA Outreach Meeting Europe – a virtual event hosted by the Responsible Business Alliance.

Day 1 will explore the state of play of the EU journey towards mandatory due diligence legislation – including sessions featuring policy-makers and other important influencers in the ongoing legislative discussions. The presentations and panels will cover key elements of the legislation and their impacts, the EU member states’ position towards ongoing EU-level discussions, and the importance of collaborative efforts and collective initiatives for effective due diligence.

The discussions of Day 2 will focus on key thematic trends and areas for 2021 like responsible public procurement, the European Green Deal, forced labor, the EU Batteries Regulation, and the importance of collaborative partnerships for effective due diligence.

For more information and registration, visit the RBA event website.

Learn more about the proposed EU legislation and its effects on large companies operating on the EU internal market in our guest article by Dr. Chris Bayer, Principal Investigator at Development International: “Leveling the Pitch: Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Legislation in the EU”.

You want to learn more about the specifics of the German legislation? Then read Dr. Chris Bayer’s article on “Duty of Care Also in Germany: The Impending Mandatory Due Diligence Legislation”.

Learn more about the EU Green Deal here.