TWENTY2X Power Week Event
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TWENTY2X Power Week Event

Meet iPoint from March 16-18 at the first TWENTY2X Power Week – a three-day online event with compact information on current hot topics in the digital economy. The event offers presentations, best practices, and discussions with thought leaders, users, vendors, and start-ups.

Each of the three days focuses on a different topic:

  • March 16: Data Management

  • March 17: Workplace Management

  • March 18: Digitalization and Sustainability

We’re excited to announce that our colleague Martina Prox, Director Sustainability Strategy at the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group), will be part of the introductory panel on “Sustainably digital – when you throw something away, there is no away! How do SMEs manage to design sustainable IT solutions?” on Day 3 (March 18). Furthermore, our colleague Johann Peters, Sustainability Expert at the ifu Hamburg, will present on “Digital Circular Economy needs Carbon Transparency – Digital and transparent information as enabler of sustainable circular business models” at the panel on digitalization and sustainability. The pitch will address the challenges and opportunities of the digital circular economy using practical examples.

For more information, visit the TWENTY2X Power Week event website (German).