Chemicals Management Software Guide – Fifth Edition
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Chemicals Management Software Guide – Fifth Edition

iPoint contributes expert interview

Chemical Watch has published the fifth edition of its Chemicals Management Software Guide – which intends to help businesses in understanding the software that supports them to meet regulatory compliance and hence achieve safer chemicals in products across the whole supply chain.

The guide provides four articles on how businesses are using software to meet compliance:

  • How is software helping companies with their chemicals management and control activities?
  • How mature is your compliance function?
  • What are the latest trends in chemicals management software for professionals?
  • How to select the right chemicals management software for your organisation

We are proud that Chemical Watch has interviewed Sushma Kittali-Weidner, Director Product Strategy at iPoint, along with other experts in this field, and we were thus able to contribute to the above-mentioned articles. Additionally, iPoint is represented with three product profiles in this latest edition of the Chemicals Management Software Guide.

You can access the whole Software Guide here.