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iPoint CARE: Collect the relevant data

Compliant and sustainable products through integrated and automated data collection

Collecting the relevant data is crucial to ensure product compliance and sustainability. However, it is still one of the big pain points for businesses, especially when it comes to gathering detailed data along the supply chain in an efficient manner.

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iPoint CARE: Analyze the relations and impacts of your products

Drive business value through automated data analysis.

Data analysis for product compliance and sustainability provides your company with a crucial competitive advantage. It enables companies to identify risks and benefits, and therefore to make better decisions faster. However, data analysis is quite a challenging task due to the data's high complexity and because it can be performed at multiple levels, with varying scope and for different purposes.

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iPoint CARE: Integrate compliance and sustainability reporting for better business decisions

Reports create transparency and drive decisions

Only combined compliance and sustainability reporting enhances internal decision-making to create competitive and sustainable products. Learn about the main challenges – report what matters, when it matters, in the right manner. 

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Digital Product Passports: Pioneers for the Sustainable Economy


Whether climate protection, circular economy, or resource efficiency: Without transparent value and supply chains, many political targets and goals threaten to fall into the void. Digital product passports can bring more clarity. Discover how iPoint is driving their development.

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From Compliance to Sustainability


Starting with material compliance, we explore the entire material life cycle and the connections between corporate sustainability goals, circular economy, and digital technology.

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iPoint Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey 2022

The Key Findings in 2022
1. Importance of sustainability and carbon reduction goals high in Asia
2. More budget for compliance and sustainability software
3. Slight majority of companies has carbon reduction goals
4. Obstacles for companies without carbon reduction goals depend on company size.
5. Low hanging fruits are the most chosen measure for carbon reduction, but large enterprises go deeper into the supply chain.

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iPoint Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey 2021

The world’s largest sustainability and compliance survey.

The Key Findings in 2021
1. The increasing importance of sustainability is a global trend.
2. Investments in software solutions for compliance and sustainability are on the rise.
3. Regulatory compliance is still more of a focus than sustainability issues.
4. Large Enterprises are the sustainability front runners.
5. In China sustainability has a particularly high significance.

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Start your journey from product compliance to sustainability now!

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