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European Freight & Logistics Leaders' Forum Napoli 2019

Meet iPoint from November 14-15 at the 25th European Freight & Logistics Leaders' Forum in Naples. The forum with the title ‘“Sustainability – the long view” will focus on the twin themes “challenges of the turbulent global geopolitical climate for the supply chain” and “sustainability”.

At the forum, international supply chain leaders will discuss what’s important, what’s next, and what we can learn from industry leaders about how to respond. In practical examples, industry sectors will reveal what supply chain leaders need to consider. The forum concludes with a summary of the experiences and lessons learnt by all participants.

We’re excited to announce that our colleague Martina Prox from the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group) will be speaking on “actors in the supply chain” in the panel “Bringing today’s issues to life. Practical examples from some industry sectors under pressure: what do supply chain leaders need to consider?”, which will take place on November 14.


For more information, visit the European Freight & Logistics Leaders' event website.