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Vacation Close-Down 2021/22
From December 24, 2021, to January 2, 2022, iPoint's headquarters in Reutlingen as well as our offices in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Ann Arbor, MI,…
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Customer magazine "iPoints" 09
Latest issue just released
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Log4j Security Vulnerability: iPoint Products and Services Not Affected
Concerning the security vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 associated with the Apache Log4j 2 library, the iPoint team has evaluated all our products and…
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iPoint’s Christmas Donation 2021
Instead of Gifts and Cards: iPoint Supports Six Charitable Organizations and Nine SDGs
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Framework for the exchange of carbon emissions data launched
WBCSD Carbon Transparency Partnership publishes guidance to enhance consistency of emissions data and takes first steps towards creation of…
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Chemicals Management Software Guide – Fifth Edition
iPoint contributes expert interview
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iPoint becomes ECO Platform member
iPoint’s MFA & LCA software enters the construction sector
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iPoint becomes Catena-X member
New automotive network for a digital economy
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Chemical Product Carbon Footprints: BASF and iPoint Join Forces
iPoint and BASF are collaborating on the topic of carbon footprint to drive the standardized calculation of product carbon footprints in the chemical…
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Joerg Walden wins Global CEO Excellence Award 2021
iPoint CEO chosen as Best Social Product Compliance Software Solutions CEO
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The make-or-break decade has begun – Global Goals Yearbook 2021
iPoint contributes article on Due Diligence Laws  
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New: Our Sustainability Report 2020/2021
iPoint submits 4th UNGC Communication on Progress report
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UN Global Compact Network Germany Elects New Steering Committee
iPoint is Business Representative
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INATBA “Social Impact Working Group” elections 2021
iPoint CEO nominated co-chair
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iPoint continues to accelerate international growth with two new Managing Directors
iPoint is pleased to announce the hiring of two new key senior executives to support the founder and CEO Joerg Walden as additional Managing Directors…
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iPoint supports cycling tour to raise awareness of modern slavery
Slavery is not a thing of the past, but all around us: More than 40 million men, women, and children in every region of the world remain victims of…
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iPoint becomes WBCSD member
We are proud to announce that iPoint has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as an innovation member. The WBCSD is…
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iPoint appoints Chairman of the Advisory Board
Moving forward to accelerate iPoint’s growth plans, we are excited to announce the appointment of Torben Brandt Munch as Chairman of iPoint’s newly…
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iPoint receives “Smart Innovator Badge” from Verdantix
We are proud to announce that iPoint has been awarded the “Smart Innovator Badge” in the category “Corporate ESG & Sustainability Software” by the…
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Chemicals Management Software Guide – Fourth edition
Chemical Watch has published the fourth edition of its Chemicals Management Software Guide – which intends to help businesses in understanding the…
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New Blockchain brochure with numerous iPoint contributions
Recently, the think tank "Industrial Resource Strategies" published the brochure "Blockchain Technology for Industrial Production and the Digital…
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Sustainability and Compliance Trends Survey 2021
After the survey was a success for the third time in a row, we are continuing our trend study in 2021. This will enable us to identify a trend over…
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iPoint wins Gold Stevie® Award
We are proud to announce that iPoint has been named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the category “Communications Department of the Year” at the…
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WBCSD launches Carbon Transparency Pathfinder
Today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) launched the Carbon Transparency Pathfinder, a new initiative to enable…
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Case Study: CircularTree’s CarbonBlock
Recently, the global corporate innovation platform Plug and Play released a case study on the success of CircularTree’s Carbon Tracking pilot project…
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“We need a collaborative, co-opetitive, circular mindset”
INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, recently interviewed iPoint CEO Joerg Walden as one of the 105 INATBA…


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Moulds Event 2021
iPoint gives Presentation
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TBB – The Business Booster 2021
iPoint is Exhibitor
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RMI Member Meeting 2021
iPoint is attending as Vendor Member
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IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference 2021
iPoint is sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter
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Webinar: Product Compliance Update 2021 – Review & Outlook
Hear about the trends in 2021 and beyond.
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10th KONGRESS BW in Stuttgart
iPoint is speaker and exhibitor
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Webinar „Business & Human Rights – Geographical Focus“
iPoint is sponsor and speaker
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LCM 2021 – The 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management
iPoint contributes three presentations
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ITI & IPC Critical Environmental Requirements for Electronics Conference 2021
iPoint is delighted to once again sponsor the annual ITI & IPC Critical Environmental Requirements for Electronics Conference on June 29th, 2021. Due…
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UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2021
Meet iPoint on June 15-16 at this year’s UN Global Compact Leaders Summit – a digital conference which will convene more than 25.000 inspiring leaders…
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Virtual Meetup "Towards a Circular Economy"
Join iPoint on May 20 at the virtual meetup Virtual Meetup "Towards a Circular Economy: Materials, Supply Chain & Manufacturing" by the STARTUP…
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CLEPA Materials Regulations Event 2021
Meet iPoint at the largest conference on Materials Regulations in Europe, one of the most eagerly awaited meetings of the automotive industry. iPoint…
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Panel “Responsible Minerals Sourcing in the Manufacturing Industry – Best Practices and Future Challenges“
There has been a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes and demands towards responsibly sourced products. As a result, responsible sourcing has…
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Product Substance Management & Compliance Conference
Join iPoint on April 22 and 23 at the Product Substance Management & Compliance Conference – a virtual event discussing the latest updates on…
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RBA Virtual Outreach Meeting Europe 2021
Meet iPoint on April 20th and 21st at the RBA Outreach Meeting Europe – a virtual event hosted by the Responsible Business Alliance. Day 1 will…
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AIAG 2021 Corporate Responsibility Summit
Meet iPoint at the second virtual edition of the Corporate Responsibility Summit on April 14 and 15. Hosted by the Automotive Industry Action Group…
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Webinar: Why Understanding Your Product Carbon Footprint is Even More Critical Now
Watch the video and learn, based on industry examples what steps your company should be taking to address product sustainability. For many years,…
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#circularNEXT North America Series 2021
Meet iPoint on April 6 at the second session of the #circularNEXT North America Series 2021, which will focus on the question “Circular Supply Chains:…
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Hamburg Sustainability Session No. 3
Meet iPoint on March 25 at the Hamburg Sustainability Session No. 3 – a short online event focusing on “Trends and practical application of LCA”.…
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TWENTY2X Power Week Event
Meet iPoint from March 16-18 at the first TWENTY2X Power Week – a three-day online event with compact information on current hot topics in the digital…
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Webinar: Towards the Digital Circular Economy
The Circular Economy offers significant economic, social, and environmental benefits, and circular business models are increasingly influencing…
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Webinar: SCIP - Latest Updates & iPoints Software solution
  Join our webinar on February 11th to hear about the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database and see a live demo of iPoint's SCIP Database Connector. O…
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Meet iPoint from February 9-11 at GreenBiz21, the premier annual event for sustainable business leaders. More than 1,200 sustainability professionals…


Sustainable Product Development in a Circular Economy
The concept of circular economy is of great interest to companies since it provides a framework to align with the Sustainable Development Goals. So…
New SCIP reporting obligations in the Automotive Industry
With SCIP database being open to submission for one year now and data finally being disseminated as well, demands on how to submit data are…
German Government clarifies – SCIP Database has to be used to fulfil reporting obligation
The obligation for EU based entities to report data on SVHC containing products to the SCIP database (short for Substances of Concern in articles as…
Using blockchain to achieve the SDGs and solve social challenges
Insights into the INATBA Blockchain for Social Impact Report The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications’ (INATBA) Social Impact…
SCIP Dissemination Portal now live
Ever since January 2021, when the reporting of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in articles as such and in complex objects to the SCIP database…
The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation: A Spotlight on Finance
A conversation between Joerg Walden of iPoint and Juan Ibañez and Dr. Chris Bayer of Development International e.V. Joerg Walden, founder and CEO of…
Circular Economy Implementation in Businesses – Cross-sectoral findings
by Lukas Stumpf, Josef-Peter Schöggl, Rupert J. Baumgartner The logics of Circular Economy implementation in businesses, as well as barriers towards…
Sustainability and Compliance Trends 2020 With a Focus on the Automotive Industry
The pandemic crisis heavily influenced the year 2020, which likely also impacted iPoint’s Trends Study 2020. However, in addition to the sudden…
Sustainability Reporting Directive
A conversation between Joerg Walden of iPoint and Juan Ibañez and Dr. Chris Bayer of Development International e.V. Joerg Walden, founder and CEO of…
Discover the iPoint Suite
The iPoint Suite offers solutions for the entire product life cycle – from design to production and use to recycling and reuse. We are very proud to…
Meeting SCIP Reporting Requirements in the Electronics Industry
Since 2003, the electronics industry sector has gained experience reporting RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) chemicals for products that it…
4 Months of SCIP reporting obligation – what are the experiences so far?
The obligation to report products that are put on the EU market and contain of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) of > 0.1% by weight on article…
Case Study: MFCA in Industrial Filter Production – Reducing the Use of Resources in Textile Filter Systems
ifu Hamburg GmbH, member of iPoint Group, HTW Berlin and UKOM jointly supported SMEs in using the MFCA methodology to achieve higher material…
Leveling the Pitch: Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Legislation in the EU
In March 2021, the European Parliament adopted the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) report on corporate due diligence and accountability that would obli…
Sorgfaltspflicht in der Lieferkette auch in Deutschland: Die bevorstehende Gesetzgebung
Anfang März haben deutsche Ministerien den Regierungsentwurf eines Sorgfaltspflichtengesetzes (aka Lieferkettengesetz) veröffentlicht, der nun noch…
Duty of Care Also in Germany: The Impending Mandatory Due Diligence Legislation
At the beginning of March, German ministries published the government draft of a mandatory supply chain due diligence law (“Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz”,…
How sustainable is the Circular Economy?
Josef-Peter Schöggl, Lukas Stumpf, Rupert J. Baumgartner   Interest in the concept of the Circular Economy has increased significantly in the past few…
SCIP Database Connector successfully used by our customers
Our software solution is already successfully used by our customers from various industries e.g. Healthcare, Electronics, Manufacturing or Automotive.…
SCIP Database – iPoint Compliance automates the exchange of information
>Free Demo Video – SCIP Database Connector Watch the video to hear about the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database and see a live demo of iPoint’s SCIP…
New CO2-pricing in Germany – Significance and consequences for your company
While one could firstly assume that this new CO2-pricing law will only affect one’s Scope 1 emissions, hence those emissions that a company releases…
Carbon transparency – an opportunity for companies and the environment
Goals and benefits of carbon transparency   The transparency of carbon emissions and the climate impact of individual products is always accompanied by…


RT @GoalsYearbook: Companies must fulfill their due diligence obligations carefully, among other reasons, because relevant stakeholders cou…
RT @GPTInnovations: At #COP26: The Carbon Transparency Partnership just launched a framework for calculating #emissions from #supplychains.…
RT @GoalsYearbook: The year 2021 has seen an increase in legislative initiatives regulating human rights and the environmental due diligenc…
RT @INATBA_org: Check out our new infographic from our #blockchain for #socialimpact report to learn more about the role of the @UN #SDGs a…
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