iPoint enters strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho Systems
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iPoint enters strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho Systems

Sustainable market presence for iPoint's software in Japan


iPoint-systems is excited to announce a new partnership with the well-established Japanese IT trading company Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS). With this partnership, iPoint further expands its presence in the Japanese market. In addition to three long-standing, strong partners in Japan, NTT Data Global Services (formerly NTT DATA Enterprise Application Services), MSC Software Japan, and JEMAI, iPoint can now also benefit from the TTS network in the Japanese automotive industry to drive the transition towards a Digital Circular Economy.

The strategic partnership between iPoint and TTS draws upon the strengths of each partner and offers mutual benefits. While the partnership will open new market segments and strengthen iPoint’s position and brand recognition in Japan market, TTS can enhance its wide range of software offerings with iPoint’s leading cross-industry solutions for material compliance, sustainability, and the circular economy. With a large network in Japan and ten locations worldwide, TTS is an associated company of Toyota Tsusho, the trading arm of the Toyota Group developing and providing IT solutions to advance digital transformation around the world.

“The automotive industry is said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century revolution. In this sector, technological innovations such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are accelerating the digital transformation and changing society and industrial structures in unprecedented ways,” says Mitsuhiro Tsubakimoto, CEO of TTS. “We are a technology group that creates proactive IT. For this reason, we are excited to expand our product offerings in the field of compliance and sustainability through iPoint’s state of the art software solutions.”

“iPoint is thrilled to be working with such a well-established partner experienced in introducing innovative IT solutions to the Japanese market,” states Joerg Walden, founder and CEO of iPoint-systems. “When it comes to compliance and sustainability, the Japanese economy, especially the automotive industry, has enormous growth potential. As one of the largest markets globally, Japan’s expanding commitment to become sustainable, together with TTS’ expertise, strong network, and on-site capabilities, is a powerful combination which allows us to flexibly respond to the growing demand for our solutions in Japan and drive the revenue of our Japanese and overall business over the coming years,” Walden adds. “iPoint will collaborate with TTS not only in Japan, but also in the global market, as together we share and can reach our global clientele in diversified industries.”


Learn more in iPoint CEO Joerg Walden’s Video Message.


About TTS

Toyota Tsusho Systems Corporation, a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group and established in 1994, constitutes a team of professionals in the field of ICT. By TTS’s philosophy of living and prospering together with people, society, and the planet, TTS accurately identify and provide the services and solutions that customers need, and thereby contribute to the success of their businesses. Further information: www.ttsystems.com