Hamburg Sustainability Session No. 3

iPoint is presenter

Meet iPoint on March 25 at the Hamburg Sustainability Session No. 3 – a short online event focusing on “Trends and practical application of LCA”. Hosted by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and the Research and Transfer Centre FTZ-NK, attendees of the “Hamburg Sustainability Session No. 3” can expect three compact keynotes on Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) followed by a virtual discussion and the opportunity to exchange and network at the end of the event.

We’re delighted that our colleague Martina Prox, Director Sustainability Strategy at the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group), has been invited to deliver a keynote on the topic of “LCA and insights into latest trends”. The second keynote on “LCA as a catalyst for change in business – insights from the consumer technology company Logitech” will be held by our customer Logitech, represented by Robert O’Mahony, Logitech’s Head of Sustainability for Global Operations. Matthias Brey, Partner EY Supply Chain & Operations, will present on "LCA from a circular economy perspective with the EY Circul8or".

For registration and further information, visit the event website