Speed up your REACH Information Request Processes

Answer REACH Information Requests by the Click of a Mouse.

The new iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA) REACH Letter module supports you in fulfilling the legal requirements of the European chemicals regulation REACH, Article 33, according to the European Court of Justice’s judgment of 2015, by the click of a mouse.

Article 33 of REACH contains a ‘right to know’ provision, where consumers can ask manufacturers if their product contains any Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) and how to use the product safely.

Create a REACH Letter from different iPCA modules

The iPCA REACH Letter module enables you to create a REACH Letter or REACH certificate as required by REACH Article 33 from different iPCA modules like Parts Inventory or Virtual Product Models.

Furthermore, the module assists you with a flexible management of templates for REACH and provides multi-language support. In addition, the REACH Letter module can be extended to include Safe Use Information, allowing users to import a file with evaluations of products and include them in the REACH letter as special chapter.

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